Alicia and August's Wedding Sneak Peek - Chesterfield, Missouri

Alicia and August's Wedding day started out with bridal party fun getting dressed at a hotel in Chesterfield, Missouri. As we have had the privilege to work with the grooms family before, it was fun to jump right in and capture candids of this wonderful family and bridal party.  Once the bride was dressed she had a special moment with her father. As the tears started to flow we all knew this was going to be a fun and emotional day! The ceremony was full of rituals from the bride's home in South America. With a quick trip to Forest Park, it was back to Forest Hills Country Club for an exciting reception. The bride and groom were not shy on the dance floor. The evening included the traditional dances, one of which was the father/daughter dance which ended in tears and a standing ovation, and limbo dances with a conga line when the band took their break! There is no doubt that this happy couple will have years filled with love and laughter! Congratulations to the happy couple!