Your moments made into memories.

Your mitzvah, wedding, headshots for your new career, family portraits—whatever your photography need, Joel Marion Photography turns ordinary moments into works of art.

Joel Marion Photography captures your moments—in the moment. Catching the emotion of a bride saying I do or the look between father and child that shows the depths of a father’s love is what the photographers at Joel Marion Photography do best.

After all, art is about evoking emotions.

How do you want to feel about your photos?

As artists first, JMP photographers Joel and Kelly focus on capturing moments that will become personal works of art for you and your loved ones to cherish.

Both photographers have an eye for detail that shows in every photo. Joel began in the days when every shot counted because it was captured on film; a photographer couldn’t instantly see if they nailed the perfect shot. Similarly, Kelly has over a decade of experience in capturing the emotion, love, excitement, or tenderness shown by her clients in exactly the right moment. Learn more about JMP

Beautiful photography for the big and little moments.

Commemorate every milestone and stage. Whether you have a tiny dancer in your life, or a young man or woman preparing for a mitzvah, commemorate your child or family as they are right now. Your family is always growing and changing a little everyday. Stop time with timeless photography.

The JMP approach to photography is simple. No matter what the occasion, JMP’s photographers approach is the same—to tell a story and capture each moment as if suspended in time, preserving the emotion forever.

Make a statement.

Need a new headshot? Stand apart from the crowd with the best quality images to represent you and your business. Capture the best you that sends exactly the right message to potential and current clients.  

If you’re in need of real estate photography, JMP can provide you with images that will help your client’s home sell.

JMP’s photographers’ approach never changes—they focus on evoking emotion with every image.

Each image is photographed with the viewer in mind. Bring a home to life through beautiful photography, allowing a buyer to fall in love with the home before ever stepping a foot on the property. Learn more about real estate photography.

Photos tell a story and evoke emotions. Tell your story with Joel Marion Photography.