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 Hire a team, not just a photographer.

At Joel Marion Photography, a team approach is vital to the artistic process. The result is superior photos and a superior customer experience. 

Joel, Carol, and Kelly are not only a strong team but also family. Their individual strengths work together to bring out the best of each team member. 
Joel and his team believe in getting the perfect shot the first time. Joel began his career in the days before the digital revolution. He takes pride in bringing a photojournalistic point of view to his photography. With film, he learned the need to get lighting and technique right on the first try. This still holds true to the photos he takes today. His ability to get the shot the first time means his photos have a more genuine feel and flow because he doesn’t need to stage the scene. He finds the shot in the scene whether it be a portrait, special occasion, family photo, or corporate event.

His associate photographer, Kelly Hayes, has been working with Joel since 2006. She has learned Joel’s tried and true techniques while building her own identity as an artist. She collaborates with Joel, accenting great photos by adding another eye, capturing the energy and emotion in a moment. Her attention to detail shows in every shot. 

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A Little More About The Artists:

     Joel Marion began studying photography while in the U.S. Air Force, and he started his photography business in his hometown of St. Louis. He developed his craft and became well-known throughout the St. Louis area, making his own mark on photojournalism. Joel is proud of his resume and the reputation he has earned as an artist. He forms a connection with his customers that lasts; he frequently photographs second-generation customer events such as weddings and bar and bat mitzvahs. He also enjoys cycling with his wife, and he might be slightly obsessed with cacti and succulents. 

     Carol Marion received her Bachelor’s of Art from Webster University. She met Joel while she was working as an art director for a major retail outlet. She finally joined him at Joel Marion Photography (JMP) in 1999. Carol handles the day-to-day, keeping everything running smoothly. She also supervises editing and design. She is passionate about painting and drawing, and in her spare time enjoys cycling with her husband. She fits gardening into her busy schedule, too.

     Kelly Hayes is the associate photographer and designer at JMP. She also happens to be daughter and step-daughter to Carol and Joel. Kelly grew up surrounded by art and artists, and she has a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from Fontbonne University. After a short stint in retail hell, Kelly found her professional home at JMP in 2006. She brings a modern, feminine eye to JMP. Kelly has recently started photographing Dancers as her passion project.


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