Robby's Bar Mitzvah - CRC and Westwood County Club - St. Louis, Missouri

Mazel Tov Robby! It was a joy to capture your call to the Torah at Central Reform Congregation. You did so great at your service. Your surprise theme, of everything you love was perfect for you and your guests at Westwood County Club. Rick Paul from RPM kept the kids going with games and music as the adults got to enjoy a special sushi cocktail party before the night really got started. Congratulations!

Amanda & Michael's Wedding - Ritz Carlton - St. Louis, Missouri

Wow! What a beautiful location and decor to celebrate Amanda and Michael's big day.  With a private first look with both Dad and Groom, the Bride sparkled the rest of the day around all of their friends and family.  It was evident by their looks at each other throughout the day and the speeches from the bridal party, these two are meant for each other.  So happy to be part of your day. Mazel Tov!